Guys, Great loving conversation and he disappeared during it, hadn't returned yet?

It's long distance and yet we hit it off so well online. There's a lot of love and emotion in texting, we texted right away to each other every night when I'd finish work (he's ahead by 4 hours) but he stopped texting mid conversation the other night (could have slept on me) and hasn't eritten tonight at all. I sent a hello message but no reply, says delivered. My gut tells me to chill it's nothing, but if you saw the loving and emotionally invested stuff he writes, you'd find this behavior concerning and odd too. If he reappears should I mention this?


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  • I think it's a game he does

  • I think he's dead...

    • That would be terrible. You guys think it's grounds to send a concerned text?

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    • It's too late tonight but if he doesn't write tomorrow, and even if he does, should i still make a call?

    • Making a call is not such a difficult step. I get called by people who tries to sell me shit all the time. Even though I find their call irritating, I have forgotten all about it 5 minutes later. If you are someone who has had a connection, who has a good reason to call, I don't see why he would be mad. I think you should make a call. It's a good way to further a connection in my opinion. It's like breaking a wall. It makes you real to him and him to you. You are not disembodied text anymore. You are a disembodied voice lol