What do I say to this guy who didn't respond to my message for a few days & kinda blew me off?

I haven't met this guy in person before. I really really want to. I have a mega crush on him.. But I feel like now I'm walking on egg shells and I can't appear overly ambitious because of his recent behavior. A week ago exactly I asked him to go out. We literally just friended on fb as well. He was extremely receptive and we were planning on a day and what to do... When he ghosted on me then made up some excuse. Then when I responded and asked if he'd still like to plan for a day, he didn't respond for a couple days until tonight. And he had opened my message a day ago. He told me sorry for the silence and that he's been extremely busy.
How do I respond? I want to sound nonchalant but also not like super nonchalant... And I want to see him still but I don't want to ask again... I want him to but I dk what to say in response to his message to show I'm still interested but won't ask? If that makes sense. Like maybe I was too forward before and now I need to make him work or something... So what should I say to sound clever and nonchalant like?

by the way I feel like this is all silly but it seems as if playing these games is what I'm forced to do.


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  • You're being very na├»ve my friend. If you like him don't fall into the gender stereotype. If he says he was busy give him the benefit of the doubt. If he didn't have an interest or was lying he wouldn't have responded at all. If you want to determine if he's being honest then ask him what's got him so busy. Anywho,



    • Thank you! So you don't think it's too nosy to ask him what he has been up to?

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    • Well they weren't set plans... Kinda just like oh I'm free here, but then it never happened

    • Still. I don't see a problem with it. Ask away. It's not nosy lol.

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  • Don't tell him anything at all. Ignore him.

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