Does my Best friend like me?

Well there is this girl i've know for 5 years ever since we meet. now she is 17 and I'm 18. she has been sending mixed signals about liking me. well when we first met she would always come to my house dressed all nice and pick me up and she did this everyday. We started talking more and saying we though each other were the best looking in the neighborhood (lol i know silly), I would talk about other people I liked but it was always kinda of a stiff tone when i brought up the girls i like. Their mom loves me and Her sister loves me if thats any help. but after some years of that she moved and we kinda stopped talking for like a year. Until this January she contacted me out the blue on my birthday to tell me happy birthday i was surprised she remembered. We have been texting on and off for the last couple months now but two weeks ago I invited her to a small get together with some of my friends. My other friends were supposed to bring more girls but they didn't so she was the only girl there. i told her "I'm sorry there are no other girls here" she said "its good and I'm having fun", it didn't look like she was but anyways we always do this thing where we go alone and talk about things that happened lately she has never talked about other boys around me until today. she tells me that she lost her virginty recently she could see the surprise on my face. well now for various reasons i think she is lying about that which i don't know why she would lie about something about that and she usually truthfully tells me everything. she is coming over again this Friday i need to know what i should do all my friends think she likes me. please help!


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  • She talked about other guys to make you jealous. I think she likes you. Maybe she wants to have sex with you--but doesn't think you would want to have it with a virgin? But, who knows... she could be lying too. Did she say who she had sex with--was it believable? Do you want her to like you? Ask yourself these questions. Now, how do you feel? :)

    • The First thing she said to me when i seen her after the months was"i Grew up" she said it with a smile her face i was able to figure out what she meant i a couple secconds. then she tells me that they fucked in the school and got caught. she said she got suspended 4 it thats when became unbelievable also some of her recent social media post.

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    • Thanks so much!!!

    • You're welcome!!

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  • I'd say she does love you:
    Most of the time when a girl likes a boy her family likes you aswell as you mentioned.
    Plus she talks to you about private stuff and that that she keeps talking to you even though you moved and as you said "truthfully tells me everything" I would say that she definitely likes you.
    Hope I helped!