Girls, you even worry about this?

Do you get worry about and freak out by the thought that what if the guy you are dating /going to date /have a huge crush on has a really hairy body (chest, stomach, back, shoulders etc) under all those clothes?
Does this thought ever cross your mind and scare you out like hell?


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  • Honestly I don't mind hairy bodies, but I know girls that do. S'all about preference really.

    • Even REALLY hairy bodies having lots and lots of hairs all over don't bother you?

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    • I mean hairy chests/arms/legs aren't extremely appealing but I don't mind it that much. I'm weird, I like hair in my opinion. I can honestly say I've never seen hairy shoulders, that's a first lol. I guess I wouldn't mind that either xD

    • That's lucky of you to never see hairy shoulders

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  • I already know mine does, I also really don't care.

    • Yours does! Really hairy?
      Did you ever get scared that what if you start dating a hairy chest, hairy backed man?

    • Never really crossed my mind. And he's got quite a bit of hair.

    • Ever got put off? Ever felt ashamed and irritated that why did you end up with a hairy man and why didn't you get a less hairy normal man?

  • OMG. Not you again! smh

  • It's you !!!
    Over and over again
    I know mine isn't hairy

    • Cool to know the your isn't, but do you ever worry that what of your boy is a hairy bodied male?

    • Yes and I'd tell him to laser them
      Science is amazing

    • How about dump him instead of Laser?