Why would he tell me about his new girlfriend and then ask me to hang out?

I was seeing this guy for about a year. We ended things in the beginning of Feb with the intention of remaining friends.

He called a few weeks later to say what's up. Then about a month after we ended things he and his friend were going out of their way to find out through me if I was going to his party. I couldn't make it but he had another one 2 weeks later and I went to that. I only stood for a couple of hours and left. He asked me a bunch of questions as to where I was going, with who and whatever.. and looked upset.

Now a week after that he puts that he is in a relationship on one of those social networking sites. A few days after doing that he calls me and tells me every time he goes to this spot he thinks he's going to run into me.. then says he's trying to be good and he doesn't know if I saw online but he's has a girlfriend now. He so happy but its not going to last because she's moving away in a few months. And how unfair that is. He also states several times how he never sees me and we live so close. As we are getting off the phone he tells me to call him if I could hang out tomorrow night.

What the hell is going on? Why would he call to tell me all that and then ask me to hang out?


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  • His feelings for you are returning and he still wants to be with you. I doubt it's anything serious with his new girlfriend (are you sure she even exists? have you seen picture of them or her name or anything? it's just seems a bit weird). He probably mentioned her hoping to make you jealous. But he said that she's moving away, so maybe that's his way of letting you know things are definitely going to end with this girl shortly

    • Or this dude's stringing her along & keeping her a plan "B" option, for when he gets lonely.

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