Date night attire question?

So I am trying to choose between 2 outfits for a date that i'm going on tonight.

Option 1: Short sleeve button down shirt with jeans and a black leather jacket

Option 2: Long sleeve button down shirt with tie and khakis

She said she will be wearing either a dress or a nice shirt and jeans. What should I wear?

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  • Go with option 2, but loose the tie.

  • Option 2

  • I doubt you're taking her somewhere that calls for a tie.

    I also doubt it's cold enough to require a leather jacket.

    Loose the affectation. Ties are nice, leather jackets are nice, dressing in a costume that doesn't fit where you're going looks... needy and insecure.

    I'd probably suggest jeans, long sleeve shirt, roll the sleeves.

    • The reason I'd wear the jacket is because we are going stargazing afterwards and it's going to be cold so I would have that to give to her when she gets cold, but I probably won't wear it until sundown.