Did he lead me on? is he a player?

I was seeing a guy for a few months, but he broke it off because he wanted to meet other girls...
we agreed to stay in touch as friends and to catch up...

I really was ready to let go and be friens, but when we met he acted as nothing had happenned
he kissed me and more happenned, and he stayed in touch the next days...
I thought we were back on track, but then he told me that he was getting to know someone else...
he actually flirted with me as well before he told me this... does he thik I am stupid wtf?

i was a bit confused, but I told him that he acted like a jerk and played with my emotions, feelings?
he told me that he just couldnt resist... i didn't think of him as an asshole before, but now I do and I told him this...

did I overreact by telling him this? he hurt my feelings, and I wasn't rude, but just said what I thought

we weren't exclusive, but he led me to believe it was leading there... and one time he kind of referred to me as his girlfriend when people asked...
it was all so ambigious and not clear


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  • yeah.. you fell for it.. Most likely player

    • he was nice in the beginning and showed interest. I did so too and even told him that I liked him...
      but then he started cancelling, making it up to me etc. I tried to be understanding, but I got kind of tired of it... it started to be on his terms, even though before he would compromise etc.
      I might have seemed a bit indifferent, but wasn't... he should have told me! I was the one who addressed problems directly...
      I am just not good at reading those hints etc.
      I believed he was a nice person, that's why I gave it a shot... but now it's no longer that nice and I have deleted the numbers anyways, I can't deal with this shit. Plus, he wants to see other girls

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  • He is 90% a player

    • he was really nice in the beginning, introduced me to many people etc.
      claimed that he was nice etc.
      I mean why wouldn't I believe him? i trust people generally...
      he was very attached and clingy in the beginning, where I was still "normal" even though I was interested, but I don't fall in love easily...
      back then, he assumed I was not interested in him... I think he couldnt deal with my coolness etc. (that's my personality). I am not one of those lovey-dovey girls and he didn't understand that I feel... I did show him affection, but he thought it was just about sex (wtf?).
      From one day to another, he completely changed his mind, even though the day before he was texting and calling and I was reciprocating and also asking him to go out again...
      he then started cancelling dates, coming up with excuses etc. which obviously left me confused and I told him this. I am not ready to play this shit or what it is... he accused me of not being interested, whereas it was him who started

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    • Right now, I do not care what will happen... everything will fall into place eventually, with him or with someone else :)

    • Yes you are right. Keep your peace and don't bother thinking about him.
      Time will tell and time will heal.

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  • nah nothing wrong with telling a douche what he is

  • He was dating multiple people at the same time. It's the norm nowadays.
    He was not playing you if your relationship was not exclusive.

    • well he acted as we were in a relationship (was needy in the beginning, wanted to see me much more than I had time etc.).

      I guess dating is nothing for me
      will go for arranged relationships haha

    • and I was so stupid to just go out with him...

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