Mixed signals from ex boyfriend. Long, but I am so confused help?

Me and my ex have been back in contact as friends the last couple of months after over 9 months apart. He agreed to see me once he got some free time. After a couple weeks We started flirting and then we didn't speak for a about a week until I ran into him at a a party. He kept coming up to me asking how I was and how good it was seeing me. He kept hugging me and kissing me on the forehead and the cheeks. He told me he would text me and I said don't unless you actually want to so he said he really does he just feels weird about everything but he will text me. So a few days passed and he messages me we chatted for like 3 days straight and then he stopped replying. I text him last night and he read my message and didn't reply. Literally so confused? I do still love him and want to be with him but wish he would just stop sending me mixed signals, because I do know he does still care about me. What should I do? It's my birthday next week and really would love to see how because I spent my last 3 birthdays with him and it would be amazing to see him for it. Should I invite him to my party or should I just ignore him because he didn't text me back? I really want us to work out but don't want to blow it either if he needs more time


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  • Why did you break up?

    • Ever since his father died he started drinking and partying more and it just lead to us fighting so he called it quits

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    • But what if I'm annoying him there must be some reason he's all off a sudden ignoring me? When should I text him again? I really don't want to seem clingy because I want to take it slow just not as slow as this..

    • Google "approach avoidance conflict"

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  • He should know how much your birthday means to you. You should invite him. This way you know he still cares.

    • Thank you for your advice. What should I say to. him? I feel a bit forward seeing as he didn't reply to my last two texts. Will I be annoying him? When should I ask him? My party is Saturday night

    • Text him on Saturday (tell him how much you would love it if he we there). You should also post your birthday on social media, such as Facebook and snapchat. He'll get the message.

    • We're not friends on Facebook it was too hard. Just twitter and instagram which he never ever uses..

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  • He's probably feeling conflicted.

    • How do I get him to see straight? Is there anything you think I should do?

    • Tell him how you feel/arrange a meeting.

    • What if I'm coming off too strong? He didn't reply to me last night so I don't want to seem too needy/clingy. I just don't want to push him away any further if you get me