Im very athletic but she isn't. Is it ok to bring it up?

Ok, so there's this girl that im talking to. We met in college.

We've only seen each other in person just once.

I know a lot about the sports i play, exercise, etc.

Even though you can see me and instantly think "fit guy", im not quite sure about her. She has this potbelly that i think is super cute and it hangs a little. I also see that she smokes. I don't really care about those things but i do see them as traits unathletic people have.

I don't know if starting a conversation about sports or exercise would make her uncomfortable. Should i? Im just so comfortable talking about those thing.


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  • You can talk about it and it probably won't make her uncomfortable, but remember to also ask her about her interests. People love to talk about themselves and their interests, so they are more drawn to people who let them and who seem interested in what they have to say.


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  • ... do something active with her like running, rock climbing, kayaking... etc these things are more interesting than being cooped up in a gym.

  • I'm not an athletic girl, people talking to me about sports doesn't make me uncomfortable, but I do get bored really easily Cuz I don't care about it

  • You could talk about sports once your not bringing it across as in like she should be doing sports that she's unfit if that makes sense.


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  • Just hint at it.. like when you're at a restaurant and she wants to get a coke be like "I hear diet taste just the same"

    And whenever you cook dinner make her a salad.

    Its kind of the opposite of what my friend where he purposely made his girlfriend fat lulz