Asking a guy out - alone or with friends?

I'm in my early 20s and I'm going to (try to) ask out a guy this week. I'm not sure whether I should ask him out to drinks with me or casually ask him to tag along to a fun place with my friends and me. I think he might be interested in me, but I'm not totally sure. And I'm really nervous.

On one hand, it's super nerve-racking to ask a guy on a DATE with just me and him. I would also be very embarrassed if I asked him out and he said no. On the other, I don't want him to be intimidated or feel awkward by being around my friends, or say no because of all the people he doesn't know.

I've never done this before and I just want to know how people do this. I know I'll be ok no matter what happens, but I just wanted to get some advice before diving into it with him.

  • Alone - make it a date!
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  • With your friends - test out the waters to see if he is interested.
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What Guys Said 2

  • Alone

  • I'd be much more afraid of taking a date with more of their friends. I did that once by going on a "date" with a girl and her friend, and it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Would highly recommend either going alone, or with a mixture of friends rather than only your friends.


What Girls Said 1

  • Just be straightforward with him.

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