Boyfriend got extra turned on after we spoke about kids tonight?

So we've not been together terribly long, but I felt it was time to ask what he wanted from life, to see if it matched what I want.

So I asked if he wanted to get married, he said yes. And then I mentioned kids, and he said he did eventually... and that he likes the idea of having a 'daddy's little girl' kinda thing.

I said that was sweet and that I didn't know if I'd be a good mom or not. He then said 'I think you'd be a good mom and our kids would be good with a mom like you'

He then went onto say he'd be the luckiest guy in the world if he got to marry me and if I was the mother of his kids. He reassured me about childbirth and the thought of me carrying/having his kid and how that's an expression of unconditional love.

He seemed quite taken with the idea of me being mom to his kids. After we stopped talking, he swept my hair from my face, put his arms around my neck and gently kiss me. After a good bit of kissing he started getting really hard and turned on.

This isn't normal for him? He would never get this hard usually unless we have clothes off about to have sex. We were just casually hugging on the sofa, fully clothed. So yeah... what's with that?

  • He's picturing you in the role of mother of his child.
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  • This means nothing.
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  • He's possibly in love with you and can't wait to settle with you.
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Well thanks for the votes guys :)


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  • Well, thats what sex is about to begin with. Not exactly surprising.

  • They say paedophiles can't wait to have kids of their own.


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