He won't commit but not your average scenario. Should I walk away or is this understandable?

I've been dating this amazing man for almost 6 months now. We had sex on our second meeting but surprisingly became very close. We make dinners weekly, he sends me flowers, spend nights at one another's homes. He's met and spent much time with my immediate family and daughter and I've met his family and friends as well. When I'm having a long day, he does the sweetest things to show he cares yet, when the topic was brought up of us having a title, he said that we're certainly more than friends (the title of just friends offends him) and he hasn't been this happy in years but has things in his family he's not comfortable with sharing with me just yet. He begged me to wait and ensures it'll be worthwhile. I've also noticed he won't hold my hand in public but gets jealous when men look at me. We're both barely in our early 30s with no previous marriage.

For example, just last night he drove my brother to the airport at 5 am. Who does that?
He's wonderful honestly but doesn't want a relationship. What could it be and should I wait?

He insists he's seeing no one else and doesn't care to. But that doesn't quite cut it for me


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  • I'm not sure what it could be, but it has to be a fairly serious problem or something happening in his family at the moment and is not willing to share that yet in order to make sure he is ready to tell you. Whatever is going on or went on with his family may be a reason for his hesitancy for a true relationship (labeling it)


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  • You should walk away.

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