When is it REALLY over?

Hi girls, I have a question here which probably every guy have wondered about and I'm experiencing this same problem right now :(

With most women, when is it really over as in cast in stone 'never try again'?

For example, if a guy went on a few dates with you that went reasonably well and he liked you. Let's say that he didn't do anything really stupid like stalked you or did anything to make it obvious to anyone that you would never want to see him again.

After these few dates you decide that you are not really into the guy and you stop answering calls, texts and any other communication and so the guy eventually gives up and stops his communication with you as well.

Does this mean that he needs to accept this forever and that its hopeless to ever try again? Or can he try again at a later stage? If so, how long should he wait?

What are the best things a guy can do to turn such a situation around in your opinion?

Last question is, have you ever experienced a situation where you didn't like the guy that much before but after a while he came back and you saw him in a different light?


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  • Hey there,

    If you are being ignored, it is a clear sign that the chic is just not into you or she may be currently involved with another guy. So, you are better off not trying at a later date because either way you are facing a lose-lose situation. You may get ignored again, or the girl may be single and responding to you, but do you really want to be with a girl like that? you will have trust issues from day 1 dating her.

    And...to answer your last question, the girl has your number so she will use it if she wants to talk to you. I have personally never contacted a guy again whom I stopped communicating with earlier.

    Best of luck

    • Thanks for your answer. I'm very much in the dating game and I have always excepted if things didn't work out and did not contact them again as I never was THAT into them.

      This time however, I met someone which I like above any previous date or relationship and its hard to let it go! Was really confused that it ended this way, she gave signs which I knew was positive from previous experience.

      I will leave it though and continue dating, that's the only way to forget about her.

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