Girls, She keeps doing strange things and can't stop smiling when she found out feelings was mutual? (Complex story interesting )?

so this girl and I had a crush for 12 months or so but never spoke. She was always staring , looking shocked to see me mirroring my actions etc etc then I stopped catching the train s often due to work she would stare , look confused at times look at me in really cute ways like she was in love. Then I disappeared for months and was re appearing on the train every once a month and this is when she was purposely trying to get my attention still staring etc and fixing hair saying hi blushing heavily. This happened roughly 4 times each time getting more intense? Any obv I got the hint but due to work couldn't make my move so I came back two months later seen her with a new but and she seemed anxious embarrassed and distant with her boyfriend. So anyway I decided to let her know I was and am. So I didn't ad her I just commented on her picture and said hey, you look nice. And the. The day after he boyfriend was being mopey and trying to speak with me. So I got onto a different carriage here he was suddenly on mine. And when he faced the other way she looked at me for like 6 seconds with a big smile and bit her bottom lip so anyway I got off a stop early to avoid him and got a message off her saying I don't appreciate the comment etc and blocked me after and then he pulled me up and she has the biggest smile he said is your name **** I said no lol he said ok I'll leave it at that then is said ok. So the. I sent her an apology Mail via LinkedIn explaining that I respect her wish and that I apologise and noticed her little cute ha bits and I hope in the future we can get to know sch other (just to keep foot in door ) lol so why did she smile that time behind his back and bite her bottom lips and now she can't stop having good the biggest smile ever on her face lol also hasn't blocked me on LinkedIn and I know she read the message her brother probs gave the ultimatum as he's obv a manipulator


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  • Is this the same girl you're always posting about? What's the point in pursuing this? Yeah, she's attracted to you, but she has a boyfriend. Just move on and find someone else. She doesn't seem to be worth thinking about if she's going to flirt with another guy while in a relationship.

    • just curios that's all lol I like a challenge !

    • Just be careful. Her boyfriend might try to challenge you back.

    • Well that's why I leave the door open I apologised let her know my reasons for not making my move and that in the future there is a possibility that I would like to get to know her and that I noticed her little occurance Lol I leave it at that as when you start controlling your girlfriend like giving her the ultimatum he's practically lost on the long term. Just manipulating to obtain a certain outcome. Lol