Guys, How I know he wants me as gf?

Hi people
i date a guy i kno 5 years ago he was my coleauge at work. and good friends till now
Been 2 weeks now we are dating.. he said he likes me and so do i... but after our 2 dates he said he feel lost and has issue at work and he doesn't mean anything bad... i was ok and i told him he can have his time and that am there if he wants me.. even if i was sad i didn't show.. anyhow... i went out and took a pic dressed well he made like. it was 2 days later.. i said hi and we chat then he asked me out that day he was soooo sweet that we had our 1st kiss.. he started again calling me bbe and hun and luv. and the next day we met and he got me chocolate.. he said he feels nice and fine with me.. we kissed again nd held hands
we always chat and talk... i feel fine but how i know he wants me as gf? Is there a way?
any help?

He didn't mention "the gf" thing...


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  • Sounds like you are his girlfriend or at least close to it. Just ask to make it official or whatever. Plus it wouldn't hurt to learn to use better grammar lol

  • I think u already are his girlfriend