Girls, Is this sad I have adopted this mindset?

I know women dislike most gentleman or nice guys they see them as weak , insecure, as pussys and therefore everytime you ask the women of she's interested in a relationship you either get she has a boyfriend response or harsh a fuck off. At this point my mindset has shifted from the bitterness to just hooking up with a girl and not giving a care about her feelings what's amazing is that I didn't use to be like this these ideas and thoughts took years to grow in my head and it took going through a lot of pain

Thanks for opinions


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  • the key is to be independent and think of ysf but also be nice and warm person to others. Being a good guy is not bad but you shouldn't be some girl's child but her partner and an equal. Girls may be attracted to asshole but that seem to be the sexual dominance kind of thing but in reality those type of guys don't last in relationships and besides bedroom girls don't want them.
    Be a goo person, take care of ysf, don't let anyone disrespect you, be nice but don't lick noone's shoes. Develop this mindset and you'll be fine. I'm not saying you'll get the girl, that has nothing much to do w this, love is something that mostly depends on luck of meeting the person for you.

    • Well I see one of two things happening this mindset happening or me giving up on dating. I really don't see a good outcome for this

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    • I know there are no guarantees it's why it's a waste of time for me to continue trying for this unfortunately I don't have the right personality like you said I probably won't change being a gentlemen is true to who I am it's in my Dna

    • it's not waste of time for continue trying on love if that's what you meant. things can also work out. You just gotta take better care of ysf, you are emotional and caring so don't push ysf to hard and get hurt easily. Get to know girls but don't get attached, work on it. And choose to get serious w the girl you think won't hurt you. And don't give all at once, go little by little and if someone really hurts you stop before you get too hurt.
      As you are emotional you are probably lonely and that makes you feel bad too but chasing after wrong people won't help you. Love ysf as much as you can and work on taking care of ysf and your emotions.

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  • Its okay to have that mindset, but not all the time, only if she has the same mindset to, dont lose you feelings, they define you. And even though you push them away or distance yourself from them, they will always be there and when you least expect it they come to say hello

    • You don't understand I have been stepped on and rejected by women so many times and like I said I have strong feelings so imagine heartbreak after heartbreak now imagine those same feelings turning into bitterness and cold and no longer giving a care about the girl but just seeing her as a way to get my dick wet

    • Its the one that accuses another of not understanding that doenst understand

    • Have you been in my situation

  • Don't let your past hurts make you into an arsehole.

    Women get hurt a lot whilst dating too, if you start acting like a player and hurting girls on purpose then you are only adding to the problem.

    Girls don't dislike nice guys, you might be nice but if she doesn't find you attractive then she will turn you down, it's not personal. I'm sure you turn girls down that you don't find attractive.

    Don't give up, keep trying and you will find a special girl.

    • It's not a looks thing it's because I respect people

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    • ... and I'd avoid a white shirt too, it looks like you're a waiter or something. Long sleeves look nicer than short sleeves).

      I like jewellery on a man, obviously don't overdo it, but maybe a necklace, or a ring or something. A pierced ear is sexy (but only do that if you want to!).

      If you are on a night out, then make sure you get on the dance floor. You don't have to be a great dancer (although it helps), but it makes you look fun to be around, and like you're not just out hunting for women.

      To sum up, most women like a man who has made an effort. For example, you can tell which men have gone home after work, had a 2nd shower, brushed their teeth again and got ready, and they are much more appealing than the men who have obviously gone straight out after work.

      I don't know you, so you might already do all this, I hope you don't think I'm making out that you're not clean and smart, I'm sure that you are, but there might be something useful in that hopefully.

    • Eyebrow part was helpful I workout definitely shower twice a day along with brushing my teeth, I never leave the house without cologne on