I've been caught by my girlfriend's mom making out. Any advice dealing with the situation?

So I'm dating this girl who lives a town over from me. Her mom is a Jehovah's witness and doesn't want her daughter to date anyone right now (we're both 17) So I've been sneaking in and I've snuck her out a couple times. Anyways I made sure her mom was gone at work and no one was in the house except us and we started making out in her room. While we are making out I hear a shrill voice say "WHAT. THE. HECK?" I turn around to face my girlfriend's mom (doesn't help that this is the first time we met) staring at us. Turns out she is more upset with my girlfriend than me, since this sort of thing has happened before. I told her I wanted to respect her house for the moment and have a whole spiel about wanting to be honest with her. She told me to get out and that maybe I could date her daughter when we are 18. I'm fine waiting but her phone has been confiscated and I have no way of contacting her now. Any advice on how to handle the situation?


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  • Is there any other way to keep in contact with her?


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  • The only advise I can give you is: be nice to the daughter and the mom but do NOT take into account she is a Jehova witness. Being a Jehova witness is her choice and if it gives here radical ideas she must live with them and if it gives problems she'll have to tackle them.
    In the end, in most of our communities maybe 1% of people is Jehova witness so she'll have to adapt, not you.

    • I fully agree. I don't judge anyone for being a witness. The daughter doesn't personally identify as a witness but is sort of forced into it, which I find kind of messed up.

    • Absolutely, these people are like fundamentalists, totally brainwashed... she'll certainly stress out but disregard it completely. And support the daughter in getting out of mom's prison :o

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