I cancelled a hangout and he keeps texting me?

Is this normal? I've been texting this guy for a few days. We met on Tinder so I'm not taking it seriously. However, he's been initiating everything. We were supposed to hang out, but I got an anxiety attack from life. I got really depressed and quit my job. I worried about money so I cancelled and said I had an emergency. He said oh no what happened is everything okay? Then he said it's okay and there's a next time. Few hours later he texted again asking how I was doing. We exchange a few more texts. He asks if I've been snow boarding. Asks me if I want to go snowboarding with his friends soon, and to meet his friends in general, but I haven't met him yet? He's very sociable and knows a lot of people. I'm nervous because I don't know where this is going. I'm at a low point in my life. I tried walking away but he keeps texting me. I keep texting him back to show him I'm interested but I don't know if that's enough. I always cut the conversation short telling him goodnight and I'll talk to him later. I want to get to know him because he seems nice. But I've been burned in the past twice in a big way plus my depression that I normally get, I don't feel like I'd be a good match for someone that is always happy with many friends. What should I do? Is this healthy to pursue? Idek if he likes me in that way? I don't know if he's going this length just for sex. It doesn't seem like it. He has other pictures of him with girls on his social media with them just hanging out, so I'm just assuming he's being friendly? I can't tell the difference between friendly and flirting, and I just dont want to end up like a fool in the end like always. It's always one sided for me. So I always have to push people away.


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  • Sometimes when you're used to getting your heart broken, you anticipate that when there's no reason to. He might just be interested in getting to know you as a friend, so there's really no way of knowing that until you know him better. Find out if he'd be willing to do something low-key with you and his friends, like a movie or something, so that you won't be spending a ton of money. Move forward with an open mind and know that you might make some really good friends.

    • Okay true. I think he wants friends because he's very sociable and has a lot of girls on his Instagram anyways. Just going to keep an open mind and just have fun.

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