Boyfriend responded well to the dream I had about me having his baby 😳?

So I guess we'd been talking about kids and possibly having them together one day (not that we've even been together that long) 😳.

Anyway, I ended up dreaming after our conversation that I had a baby girl, and she was ours. He picked us up from hospital and was the doting dad kinda thing.

So this morning when he asked if I had any dreams, I was nervous to tell him what I had dreamt about... but when I told him he replied with:

'Ah, right, so you'd quite like a baby girl too then eh 😜. I hope she was mine... quite an appealing situation for me to be in 😳. I think I would be pretty happy if that was my life, it would be our kid and not just mine though haha. So have you ever had a dream like that with any other guy? 😁🙈'

this is coming from the guy who never wanted kids when I met him, I'm pretty pleasantly surprised 😊.

  • This means he wants to have a baby with you sooner rather than later.
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  • He doesn't want to be a dad.
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  • This means nothing.
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  • He wants a baby with you and probably in the next few years.

  • That's so cute
    I don't want kids but awwww

  • This means he wants to have a baby with you sooner rather than later.

    • I thought so too! But when I did first meet him, he wasn't keen on the idea of kids strangely enough.

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