Girls, what are features you find attracrive on guys that would possibly go unnoticed or unspoken about, or be untypical?

Also tell about things your friends and female family members say about features that guys have that they love. Even if you can list famous people who have features that you love on guys.


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  • I'm huge on thick eyebrows and thick eyelashes on guys and long necks. Well not too long but I see so many guys who look like they don't have necks. I need a nice neck to kiss and bite. Is that untypical?

    • I guess, the eyebrows maybe

    • Thank you for most helpful

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  • Brown eyes, and freckles.

  • I love skinny men. I don't just mean not fat, I mean actually skinny. I'm so attracted to them, not sure why, but they are dead sexy.

    I do find it hard to find/meet them though. I have more luck in real life, but online dating is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    And I get lots of messages from muscly guys who can't believe that I fancy skinny men instead of them, and get pissed off about it.


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