Which of these is the worst insult coming from the girl you like?

Which would bruise your ego or hurt your feelings the most?

asking out of curiosity not for malicious purposes

  • Loser
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  • Asshole
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  • Fuckboy
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  • Creep
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Never really been called any names besides 'dork' when I threw the worlds tiniest spider in a girls general direction after she just finished saying she isn't scared of snakes or something haha.

    So it would likely be a joke so probably none.
    Honestly none of those would really hurt that much if they were intentional, pretty common terms, nothing really personal to hook in.
    I think the worst thing I've heard is a buddy bugging me about I don't even remember and this girl I liked said "he doesn't have a heart" haha.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think creep would be the worse insult


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What Guys Said 4

  • Asshole- accurate
    Fuckboy- incorrect, but not insulting

    It'd be a tie between loser and creep.

    • How's that not insulting

    • How would it be insulting?

    • If she thinks you're a fuckboy she wouldn't want to be with you

  • Anyone, and that's the last time I see her face.

  • all of these would hurt me right in my feels

  • haha
    . id lol at all of them. but maybe if i was in shool id be hurt by loser, or maybe creep

    • If she called you that at school?

    • i meant back at the age when i was in school. now i wouldn't care anyway. plus i can't have crushes like that anymore

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