Girls, what is wrong with me?

i dated this girl that I honestly cared about and loved for 2 years. everything was perfect. she died in a car accident. a year latter some of my friends (manly girls) talked me into dating again and I agreed that I would. the problem is that she was one of the first girls I have dated and I'm not really sure how to try. it seems like there are no girls that like me. what should I do? what should I change about me? I just need help


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  • think you lack the experience to really have success at dating , maybe you just need to focus on finding fun things to do or make more friends where you live


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  • First, I am sorry to hear about the untimely and tragic death of your gf. That must have been traumatic and very sad.

    I agree that you should NOT change who you are because you always want people to know the authentic you. When you are someone you are not then in my mind, it's almost the same as lying. If people do not accept or like you for who you are then you need to forget them.

    In addition, I think when your girlfriend passed away, I think a part of you shut down too. You might have been shocked, traumatized and angry at her sudden passing. It takes a long time to get over that pain and allow yourself to live again muchless date. You need to begin to open yourself, your heart and your mind again. This should be done slowly and at a pace you are comfortable with. Try hanging out more in groups, going out to dances, the movies, parties, games etc. When you do, just try meshing with females and see if someone appeals to you. Make small talk with her and see if you hit it off with her. Little by little you should put yourself back out there again.

    Finally, don't be afraid to smile because smiling draws people in. Try to smile inside and out and you will see more people respond to you as well.

    Best of luck!

  • It's your self esteem. You have to come across as confident for a woman to keep interest. You also have to let go of your past love because you'll hold other women up to her place. If you are sad that vibe comes off and the woman doesn't know how to feel especially if she just met you and possibly like you. Don't change anything!Be yourself, and date someone compatible if your not interested in what she has to offer (vice versa) she's not worth the stress


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