Help me with my dating problem please?

So last night i went on a date with a girl whom i've known for roughly 5 months or so. A little back story, we met on tinder 5 months back and ever since then we've been hanging out consistently at least once a week since. But unfortunately for me she is getting over a bad break of 3 years and sees me as a friend yet gives me different signals like staring into my eyes and smiling, holding my hand etc. Every date has gone really well even for just friends, but last night not so much. I felt like i was annoying her in the beginning a little but it's kinda how i flirt so i tried to act a bit more mature by the time dinner came by. The next problem was that we were barely talking, looking around for something to talk about which was weird cause this hasn't happened before. Lastly we went to feed the ducks and she ended up meeting a friend playing pokemon go and was way more interested in him compared to me talking about how crazy her day was leaving me feeling like i was boring/bland or just not good enough. Lastly to make matters worse, I kinda just gave into my emotions and abruptly asked to be taken home (as she drove this particular time) the car ride back was not fun as we weren't talking and she seemed pretty upset as she wanted to hangout more (only as friends) but i was too hung up on how I thought i wasn't good enough to keep this date running smoothly.
I apologized and gave her a hug like we always do at the end of date and she drove home. Now i'm left wondering if

: she's going to drop me and find someone else to replace me?
: If this is worth pursuing despite everything going against me because she makes me happy and i believe despite my screw ups i feel like i have been able to make her feel special.
Did i mess up?


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  • Dude. I totally understand your situation. I have the almost same problems.

    If you're not happy with her, move on. Once the damage is done it can't be undone

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