Is there a way to tell if someone does not kiss you because your or THEIR breath is bad?

-as apposed to just- not wanting to kiss you cause they just don't like you...

>>>> I kissed this guy - he kissed me & I could not stop kissing him cause you would have felt bad - did not want to hurt his feelings- but it was gross.. Miraculously never gad that problem with him again - can't taste a thing lol

>>>> But it got me thinking, I mean he probably had NO idea it was that bad or he would not have tried t kiss me.

So I wonder if he could tell I was having a problem from that, & or how do yo guys deal with bad breath kisses?

Does it happen OFTEN?

How many bad breath kisses have you given or had- t your knowledge?


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  • Bad breath like onions or something, it can happen, try some mints before hand.

    Girls are more senstive to smell and taste, what is subconsiouly happening is that you are determining the genetic compatiblity of your partner, the more genetically diverse he is the healthier the children will be, inbreeding casues defect and deformaties. If he is not suitable you are more likely to have an averse reaction to him. The female hormone estrogen affects smell and some studies have shown that birth control can interfer with this process. So you could end up withsomeone you are not compatible with, more likely to cheat, break up etc. Their is a dating site that selects partners based on DNA.

    • Haha I am not too worried about it personally - I am vegan & don't eat onions & if I know I am going t be kissing so I really don't eat anything very strong smelling - plus if I am in love I am not very hungry anyways haha.

      I ws jsut wondering acsue lts f tiems some one on this site will ask about kissing & people will say - cause yuor breath stinks!

      Maybe they are just joking I ask now cause it must be annoying when someone is asking a serious question about relationships -just curious

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  • umm I have never kissed someone with a bad breath. However, a guy I am dating kissed me a couple of times and I just didn't feel it... he is a bad kisser and I just wanted it away from my mouth for some reason... also, he has sorto of a very mild breath that repels me somehow. I think we are just not compatible and my body is rejecting him somehow... the couple of time he has kissed me, I just let it run for a couple of min like 2 and then just stop it... I don't know what he thinks for sure... but I am guessing he might even consider me a bad kisser hahaha because I don't kiss him like I usually kiss someone I really click with... or he might even think I am too shy or I don't like to kiss... but anyways, I have never kissed someone with a bad breath...

    • Yeah it only happened once & never again - I wonder why it was that time... By also was not expecting to kiss him, it was a shock so that might have added to it.- it was my first time too so. lo-l