Is it ok to ask a girl to text you if she ever breaks up with her boyfriend?

girls, would you be offended by this?


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  • It seems a little desperate, but not offensive at all...

  • Eh, it's not a good idea. It can come off as a little intrusive/invasive.

  • No it's NOT ok, especially if she's committed, she not gonna think about texting another guy. Unless ur just a friend, she's happy with who she's with, and isn't gonna let some guy get in between that. If ur trying to get with her in the long run, that comes across as desperate. If u wanna be just friends, then there's no point in even saying that as long as the both of u respects the relationship factor. Let's put this in perspective for a sec tho. Even if she does break up with him, it most likely is gonna be hard, that means she's either gonna shut herself off from people, or reach out to more people. Point being, she will take it upon herself to hit u up if SHE chooses to.

    • Yeah I mean agree that it seems desperate/intrusive, but leaving the ball in a girls court once she's single? I'm pretty sure the human race would die out if all men did this

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    • Yeah, it that's true with literally any girl I ask out, I may not get the response I want. And girls like her. Her personality, looks, etc.

    • O ok

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