Is the main reason he doesn't want to date me because he doesn't think I am attractive?

I have liked this guy for over a year. We would hangout for a little bit and then I wouldn't hear from him for about a month and then he would reappear again. I fell hard for this guy and one night while in a drunken stupor all my insecurities and feelings came out. After this happened, he basically told me that some time apart would be for the best. I have not heard from him in over 4 months. Anyways, I can’t help but feel the only reason why he didn’t want to be with me was because he didn’t think I was pretty enough. Did he just see me as a booty call because he wasn’t attracted to me enough to want to date me?


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  • sorry but it sounds like he is not in love with you period. most guys can barely go a month whitout trying to contact a girl that they are interested in.

    • What is a normal tie & how do you decide yo should contact her - I mean if you are not in a relationship?

      Is it indicative of him not liking someone if it is a couple of days or a weak - if they HAD been seeing each other every day?

    • Wow! slow down girl! lol

      If a guy wants to contact you, he will do just that. Trying to over analyse every aspect of that decision is just a waste of time and energy and most guys will only call you every day only if you are in an established relationship (or if he sees you only as a friend). Otherwise we'll worry about sounding clingy (yeah ... it happens to us too)

      And just because someone hasn't contacted you in a week doesn't mean that they don't like you. They could be busy/sick/etc...

  • Sounds like he was using you for sex, friends with benefits and disapearing when he found some other girl to date...hes nor into you their could be any reason behind it


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