Why has she turned into a weirdo?

Ok so a year ago on the train home from work there was this good looking girl we instantly made eye contact and I made it clear I was attracted. Then I noticed she was randomly dressing up compared to before she started seeing me and staring , copying my actions , giving literally most signs there is then I never made moves I become less frequent on the train and appeared every two weeks during this time she would look sad but when I get on she would seem happy and look shocked. Then I never made moves and it was mixed signals so I backed off a bit with my signals. Then I had an accident and didn't see her for 3 months then I seen her again and she was holding these flowers to her chest looking between me and the floor in cute ways so I left it as I don't jump to conclusions and had a girlfriend. As the week after she looked at everyone but me as I sat opposite her in a booth Then I caught it every month and she was still staring from assurance but actually stArting to smile then as each time I see her once s monthly went from smiling to saying hi , to saying hi a blushing heavily all of which she would purposely walk past me after adjusting hair, make up etc everytime. So I disappeared again this time came back to dig deeper to find she had a boyfriend she seemed anxious, embarrassed and avoided looking at me and looked distant within. So I decided to not add her on fb but instead comment on her Facebook picture. Which her boyfriend found out? She didn't block me or respond. So she seen me the day after her bed trued to speak but I got on the other end and he appeared on my carriage and was looking mopey. So when he faced the other way she stared at me with a HUGE uncontrollable smile , wide pupils looked like she had black eyes , and bit her bottom lip and this went on for like 6 seconds until he turned back around then she avoided check update for end of story...

Ok so moving on I got off an earlier stop to avoid her boyfriend. Then got on the next. Stopped off at my supermarket and because he couldn't talk to me she sent me message saying just because I seen her on occasion doesn't mean I can approach and make her uncomfortable? Bla bla bla lol load of crap. Obv her bed made her as she didn't do it until he couldn't speak as I got off. Well he then tapped me on the shoulder asked if I was such speed on I said no she stood there smiling again haha...
Ok so I left it at this point extremely confused. So I have LinkedIn so does she I sent her an apology letter 3 days after saying sorry to her and sorry for disappearing and that I didn't I tidyed my self as she looked nice and kept looking at me in cute ways? And also don't expect a reaponss Niro hope we can get to know each other in the future. So she read it hasn't blocked me. And updated her picture from a professional photo to a photo of her smiling the same way again !.. Check update


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  • You dont have enough to do and are thinking way too much. What exactly do you want?

    • I work 100+ hours that's why I'm in this situation else I would of asked her out earlier. I'm just wondering why she's acting weird?

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    • You could be right there is always that but I have never stalked , stared. She was the one chasing me. That is why I went back to dig deeper due to the regular occurances. Anyway lol I'm asking for an opinion not an insult. So please don't assume that I'm delusional Thank you anyway

    • You were born with a penis. You. can't help but be delusional. Its not your fault.

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  • You already posted this shit like a week ago.

    • I know Sorry I just have updates and I also closed my previous question by accident as I wish to keep this one active