To text or not to text... that is the question?

So basically I met this girl in class last semester and after being too nervous to talk to her, she asked me to study with her one day. Of course I said yes, and after getting to know each other we hit it off and spent a little bit of time together throughout the semester studying here and there for different tests. Eventually I asked her to get lunch that way we could talk without having to worry about focusing on studying or having anyone else around. She said yes and after we finished I thought it had gone really well, she seemed interested in what I was saying and there really was never any awkward silence which was nice. Plus I felt really comfortable talking to her which is a big thing for me since I'm usually extremely shy at first. A day or so after I texted her saying how much of a good time I had and she agreed saying it was a lot of fun and that she enjoyed it as well. However when I asked her if she wanted to hangout again some time she said she had just started seeing someone else, which whether it's true or untrue I don't like to get involved in stuff like that. So I just kinda left it alone, said if she ever needed anything she had my number and that was that. I saw her a few more times that semester and she was always very friendly, saying hi to me and was always polite and helped me if I had questions about the class. After the semester ended though we stopped talking because, like I mentioned, if she was actually seeing someone else I wanted to be respectful and not get in the way of anything. Plus I also didn't want to be that annoying guy who texts you all the time that's kinda weird and creepy. So it's been about two months since we last spoke, and I've been thinking about her and have been debating whether to text her or not. I mainly just want to say hi I'm not even really expecting a whole big conversation or anything like that. Do you think I should text her? Or should I just forget about it?


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  • Well you could text her just for a chat. Maybe you will find out if she is still seeing that guy.


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