How to be more picky?

I'm on 3 dating apps and I feel that I'm constantly talking to multiple guys at once about 5 or 6 could be more. If I go on a date with one guy and I don't like him, more come up eventually because one app you have to play a match game so i can control that but the other app your profile just sits there and i get messages from guys. The other app gives me guys everyday to pass or like. So i'm flooded with guys to talk to constantly and I feel like in someway I'm not being picky enough. I tend to first be picky with looks and then from there i see what happens but a lot guys i feel like i probably shouldn't go out with based on the way they text me but i feel like sometimes you never know they could be different in person so i'm willing to give them a chance. My friend has one of the same apps and has messages from tons of guys who she never even really looked at. I feel afraid that i'm going to miss out on an opportunity with a guy that looks ok. I have dates lined up every weekend and i feel like dating has become almost like a hobby and i recognize this is unhealthy and is exhausting. How do you suggest i can control this and be a lot more picky as to who i choose to go out with? I think I have a hard time seeing certain texting behaviors as red flags.


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  • If you're already getting a lot of matches and meeting a lot of guys I can't see why there's a reason to use more than one app. On tinder, just swipe left by default unless you find them particularly attractive. Once you start talking to a match, set certain standards. If you want a guy who's intelligent, judge it by what he says. If he sounds boring "hey, what's up?"..."cool"... Another thing. Lack of a decent job or at least goals and ambitions, another thing. You can keep going, it just depends how high you want to set your standards. If you're still happy with them you can go out, and again and then see if you hit it off or not. It really shouldn't be that hard, worrying about missing out on someone good sounds like something someone who's desperate would say, not saying you are because you said you get lots of attention, so just set higher standards.

  • Just pick the guys you think is good looking.


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