Does he like me or does he just want to be friends?

So I've only known this guy for about four months but only been talking for three. We first met at a school function but after that we had no contact except that we had each other's snapchats which was given in a non romantic way.

It started over snapchat when he saw a picture that I drew and complimented it and after that we've been talking everyday since then (3 months).

We have a lot of simliar interest such as career paths and shows we enjoy watching. We talk about anything and everything. I can be open with him and not feel judged.

I'm thinking if he didn't like me he definitely wouldn't be talking to me everyday right? Plus he told me he gets really shy around girls.

He invited me to a pool party which I happened to be the only girl who wasn't a relative there and I had a lot of fun although he was mostly surrounded by family and we didn't talk too much but I talked to his friends a lot. He was really playful when we were in the pool and I think he liked introducing me to his friends and some of his family.

We kinda made plans to got to an amusement park together but I'm not exactly sure if that'll happen since he's always on vacation with his family but it's the thought that counts. And when I asked him out for ice cream he said he didn't really know when we could go but he said he was hoping soon.

I was just wondering if he sounds more like a friend or someone who has an interest in me. Thank you.


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  • 95% chance that he likes you. It's rare for a guy to give a girl that much time and attention if he doesn't. But since he's shy, he'll be afraid to push any harder than he already is, because he isn't sure how you feel about him. Assuming you like him, you're going to need to either tell him how you feel, or if you can't/won't do that, then you're going to need to SHOW him, by giving him attention, smiling/laughing with him, touching him (hand/arm), hugging him, and otherwise let your actions and body language make it clear that you are into him. In other words, FLIRT with him - let him know that you see him in a romantic/sexual context, and not "just a friend."

    Shy/unconfident guys will talk themselves into believing that a girl couldn't possibly like him in THAT way unless she is giving him CLEAR, OVERT, UNDENIABLE evidence that she actually DOES like him that way. And if he thinks rejection is even remotely possible, he won't risk the humiliation, so you need to help reassure him.


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  • The Writing on the Wall and All is pointing to Good Friends... For now anyways, @GwenLove22.
    It appears here, dear, he cannot be too Shy this Guy if you Both are Is 'Talking to me every day,' and he is also Inviting you to Family Functions and other things of this nature.
    He may just Not be Ready for a Steady Betty. However, as time goes on, with a little More Proof in your Pudding as you both Nurse and Nurture Something possibly Special, you will know 'More' what is what or not in Store.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If I was him I would definitely be interested in you and not just trying to be friends because of his behavior and decisions. Now I'm not him so you don't know for sure but I think it's pretty clear he likes you. If you 2 have or plan on going out just the two of you for ice cream or the park then he is for sure not just being a friend otherwise he would make you join him and his friends so it's not like a date. Just get to know the guy better and you will naturally connect overtime. Best of luck

  • He is interested, but always being busy would be a red flag for me. I know for a fact that if a girl I really liked asked me out for ice cream I would jump around and cancel everything else. Sounds like he wants more but can't commit because he is too controlled by family.

  • Sounds like a blooming friendship to me


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