Seek, or let them come to you?

So I've been looking at a lot of dating websites and scrolled through hundreds of people in my area, but it seems fruitless. I've always heard of people meeting while just going about their daily routine. Does anyone have any insight? Am I trying too hard to find people to befriend, or in the case of a female, get a date? Or should I just ignore the whole dating thing and go about my business and maybe one will stumble onto my path?


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  • It's difficult to maintain relationships on a dating site. You can't build a rapport like you can I'm real life. It's rare anything develops or lasts online. It's difficult to get to know their true personality

    People who I know that use dating sites find that they are rejected more times than accepted. Insecurities start to develop and they start to feel undateable

    I guess you have to way up if you are more likely to meet a girl from a dating site or in real life, based on your circumstances and opportunities

    If being on a dating site causes you too much frustration and it's affecting you emotionally then you're better off just being patient , and try to create opportunities for yourself so you can meet a girl in real life


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  • Well... since you are a guy, you HAVE to seek, or risk being single all your life (unless you are incredibly, insanely HOT, in which case girls do come to you).

    For females, they can afford to let guys come to them.

    • I understand what you mean. I guess my question is too vague. I meant should I be actively searching them out, or should I go about my normal business and if I happen to meet someone while going about my daily routine.