Texting Question?

I've had a thing for my best guy friend for a while now. I've always put our friendship first, however.

Recently, though, he was in a short relationship; one of which, I didn't approve of for my reasons - and they weren't selfish ones. For the most part.

I was really frustrated with him, and so I gently stopped talking to him. I didn't text him, didn't hang out with him; I just "let go". Until he saw me with another guy. Not even the day after he witnessed me and my new interest together, he broke up with his short term girlfriend. I later found out it was "because she hated me, and wouldn't let him talk to me". Ha. I would believe it, if I hadn't of seen the look on his face seeing me and this other kid together.

At this point, he's texting me all the time, sharing his drawings & other things with me; asking me what I'm doing on the weekends and making a point to spend time with me.

We end up going to a party together, and he was really close to me the entire time. We were sitting on the couch and he was moving his legs so they overlapped mine, and was touching my hands and stuff, and just making a point of getting close to me. I'm not complaining, I guess. But anyway.

I left for spring break, and I tried to talk to him but he was having a problem keeping a conversation. So I left it alone for a few days, and sure enough, when I was on my way back, my friend kept me company the whole way home. Ever since, we've texted at least twice a day everyday, he always initiates it, and we talk for LONG periods of time. He always tells me how I'm the only one that understands him & stuff, and I'm one of the only people he trusts.

But they've stopped. The texts have.

We talk when we can in school & after, but there hasn't been texts for a couple of days. I just don't understand why?

We've had this on and off thing for a while. We've been in each others lives for two years. I'm just confusing myself, and I psych myself out. I'm one of those people that thinks about things too much and f***s up my mood. So any kind of input would be really nice. :) Thanks.


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  • He is interested in you, he is trying to turn you, physcial attraction, tension, touching, doing things couples do, he wants you to think about the possiblity of a relationship, the girlfriend was effective at makeing you jealous, she saw you as a threat. If you feel the same try flirting with him see how he reacts, he obviusly has a strong emotinal bond, if you do get into a relatonship what will happen if it ends will the friendship end, people act weird and hurt etc. Think things through do you want him as a friend or a lover -romantic partner...


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  • It sounds like you both really like each other, but really are having problems expressing it to one another. What do you say to him when he's telling you that you're the only one that can understand him? If you're not saying much that indicates that you reciprocate those feelings, most likely he's gotten really discouraged, which is why the texts have stopped.

    So, if you really like this guy, they why not just go talk to him? Why torture yourself with all those what-ifs? Just sit him down and tell him that you just want to clear the air between the two of you. Tell him that you miss hanging out and that you do really care for him. Tell him that from the way he was talking and acting around you, you thought that he felt the same way. If that's still the case, ask him how he feels about a relationship and then go from there.

    You can't expect a guy to do all the work, it sounds like he was kind of pouring his heart out to you in those text messages and was hoping that would get you to open up to him. Realize that men are just as nervous around women as women are around men. Some men are intensely shy and sometimes they need a woman to give them some encouragement.

    You can cut down on the level of your mental anguish about this situation if you just talk to him about how you feel and if you really like him, then why wait?

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