Boyfriend on a boys' night out?

Hello my boyfriend usually messages me a few times a day and calls every night for an hour at least. I'm not trying to keep tabs on him but I know who he usually hangs out with but tonight I waited until 1am and then called to say hi and he said he was on a boys night out with some people I don't know. I know he's not cheating (I think) because there were some guys in the background I heard. But I'm worried he's like seeing prostitutes with them or drinking and hooking up. However he is an honest man and he doesn't keep secrets. I'm just stressed and scared he's cheating
what do I dooooo


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  • You weren't hiding in the trunk like my last jealous girlfriend?

    I wouldn't get too worried over it unless you had good reason to believe he's cheating.

    • Ok thanks for your opinion! Lmao I'm claustrophobic so I wouldn't!! Plus how did she get out?
      So are jealous girlfriends a turn off and is it better to act like you're cool with things rather than being needy and asking questions like where were u?
      Is that even a needy question or its ok to ask that lmao

    • I was just kidding by the way. Yeah being a jealous girlfriend isn't cool; same goes for guys. I actually prefer my girlfriend to have other friends to hang with and not be clingy.

  • I duno who the fuck pays for a hoe when they've got a girlfriend. lol

    • Yeahh but he did see a prostitute when we had a fight but he told me and asked for forgiveness a few days later so maybe I'll wait a few days and see :(

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    • Lmao I should just shut up and to workout now XD

    • Yeah loads of girls have a tendency to think like that but they don't go and get boyfriends who go off with hookers after an argument. Become single, work on yourself, and take some time to think about the standards you want a guy to fulfill, start with things like basic respect and decency and go from there. lol

  • Does he got out alone often?

    • No :( he usually is home by 11 if he's out and I know where he's going eg church or dinner with family/friends

    • Than you should be fine. You should only start to worry when he's out every other weekend

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