Girls, Are me and this girl in love with each other but afraid?

Ok so she's in my class she has talked to me twice once before clas then one day I was writing a paper in the library and she tapped me on the shoulder and told me she was glad she ran into me and gave me Tim Hortons in both conversations she appeared super nervous. I have asked her what her plans for class were one day she told me she had to go to English why after that I said I wanted to take her to dinner I never got a response we haven't spoken in 5 weeks in person and I unfriended her on Facebook I just feel like there's tension building towards one of us truly admiting towards liking the other or both

Thanks for opinions


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  • in love? no... but maybe crushing.

    • So what should I do

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    • Depends... u gotta really kno she wants it or u might freak her out...

    • I just wish I could figure this out but both me and her are shy

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