If I fell pregnant question and he sorta blew me off?

boyfriend played to go away on a holiday for 3 days
We are very sexually active condoms always
I was on the pill but it scared me never went back on
And I asked him a question what would you do if I fell pregnant
And he's reply was
That's a little soon isn't it

I only ask coz were going going away anything can happen
Did he just give me my answer that he wouldn't be there for me


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  • It means he isn't ready to be a dad and you're too young too

    • No you don't get it
      OK so like accidents happens I know that
      And the pill stuffed me up I'm scared to go back on that
      And because we are going away
      Anything is possible
      Like don't get me wrong I have a career I wanna get straight first and a house
      I don't want to be a mum period
      But if it were to happen
      With the response he gave me
      I don't think he would stick around

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    • What do you want me to say? No he probably won't

    • That's right the hard truth..
      Not this abortion crap

      And adoption ouch

  • Yes, it sounds like it


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