Should I be more needy with my boyfriend?

Just wondering
My boyfriend of 2 years stayed out at his male friend's house to play video games. Usually he calls me before bed every night and texts sometimes during the day. I was upset cos he didn't tell me but I called and said goodnight (20 second call, he said he was busy playing games) and I heard guys talking in the background but I don't know if there are girls they're hooking up with or something.
Is it a common thing for a boy's night out? To spend the night playing games and stuff
but I acted casual and kept myself busy until he called me the next day.
Would he use this to his advantage and hook up if I'm not keeping tabs on him?


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  • Acting needy tends to bring out an urge for guys to become more independent from you, not less.

    As to whether it's normal, don't know the trends lately but it's certainly quite normal for guys to kind of want to hang out from time to time away from their girlfriends. Has nothing to do with lack of interest in the girlfriend but just that guys relate to each other on a very different level and sometimes with very different kinds of interests.

    "Would he use this to his advantage and hook up if I'm not keeping tabs on him?"

    It's not healthy to have fears like this. You can't lock your lover in a cage 24/7.

    Trust is the only way to go about it, and it helps to do things that help you two mutually bond like cuddling and talking to each other often, building up that trust.

    I think it's good if you also have a girls' night out from time to time, no boys allowed.


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  • Any guy who loves you would never, ever hook up with another girl on the side. It's normal for a guy to want some guy time, though. My boyfriend comes over to my house in the evenings and leaves around 9:30pm. Sometimes, he goes from there to his guy friend's house to hang out and play games. I know his guy friends sometimes have girls over as well, but I honestly don't worry one bit about him flirting with them or hooking up, because I trust him and he's always super responsive if I call him or ask him what he's doing, etc. So, bottom line, it comes down to trust.


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  • He was playing video games and hanging out with guy friends lol

  • No..


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