Am I the only one who thinks its weird when a 40 year old guy goes out with a 18-21 year old girl?

I find this weird personally I think a dating age limit should be set up for people under 30 like anyone over the age of 30 shouldn't be allowed to date or have relations with a girl under 25 I'm probley gonna get called stupid for this but sieourly if an 18 get in trouble for having sex with his 17 year old girlfriend what make it ok for a 30-40 year old there a year differant said between the 17 and 18 year old but a 12 year differance between a 30 year old and an 18 year old for the 18 year old I'd cut the line at 16 there a 2 year differance there but when that 30 year old was 18 the girl was 6 the age differant is the same yes there is a huge maturity gap between a 6 year old an an 18 year old but there still is the gap between a 30 year old and an 18 year old I don't know that's just my thought I'm may be stupid for thinking a 30-40 year old should not be dating an 18-21 year old but that's just me


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  • I think it's weird. An 18-21 year old girl (even a guy) are at the beginning of starting their adult life and exploring. It's a different stage than a 40 year old man/ woman. They already went through that stage a long time ago. They are at the point of settling down and enjoying their life. Although sometimes 40-50 years old men and women go through a mid life crisis. So in order for them to feel "young" again they date in that age range.


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  • Why? Might as well just assign people sexual relationship partners on the basis of genetic compatibility and the likely health of their offspring while you're at it. Sure, it is 'weird' when you have age gaps like this; but what isn't weird? Being an LGBT couple is definitely 'weird'- should we impose bans to prevent LGBT people from dating or having relations with one another as well? Not having an age gap at all is 'weird', because it isn't normal. Getting married is now 'weird', because it's no longer the norm. Any partner who you choose is inherently going to be 'weird', because he/she is going to be a unique individual. When it comes to relationships, there's no such thing as 'normal'. And literally anything and everything can be an issue- whether it's an age gap, or simply differences over things as petty as sports or pop culture. 'Maturity' is what you make of it; but if you're deemed to be old enough to vote and be an adult member of society, you have to be granted the rights of an adult in all aspects. And in virtually all cases, maturity most certainly doesn't come with age- maturity comes through experience. And those experiences which provide maturity can come at any stage in one's life, at any time.

    • By that logic 18 year old should be able to drink I can vote I can get kill for my country ( which I don't want the us to be my country) but I can't have a beer

    • Yes, 18yr olds SHOULD be able to drink. And in practically every other country around the world, they can. As a taxpayer, you contribute towards subsidising the USA's brewing industry to the tune of almost $1 billion per annum. Why shouldn't you be entitled to have a beer when you're helping to keep those brewers afloat with your taxpayers' dollars?

    • Right most country's allow 18 year olds to drink in some state I think kids are allowed to drink at home and some your allowed to give your child a sip I don't know what state they are but yea

  • It's not that it's weird, but I'm just worried that if the relationship will last. When there's a 20 year gap between two partners, it's very hard to have a serious relationship since their life goal and maturity levels are different, so it's very difficult to have serious conversations which can be a huge problem in relationships. Communication is the backbone of a relationship, so if you don't have that, I don't know what would become of it.

  • It's weird but it's legal