Is he slowly loosing interest?

I met this guy who is about my age about a month ago. We have a lot in common and he's expressed that he does care for me like I do for him. He's really nice and for a moment I wondered if it was just a "nice guy act."

Normally, we would text all day and hang out on the weekends. This is how it was for a while. I even met his mom and dad.. not sure if he just had to introduce me, but still - you don't just introduce anyone to your parents.

Now it just seems like I'm pulling teeth for him to talk to me. We dont go out as much and he seems fine with that.

He's gone days at a time without talking to me and I just figured he needed space, so when he came back from his "break" I didn't address it.

But now it just seems like a regular thing. Maybe that makes me clingy, but 4 days without talking to someone you "like" seems like a long time.

Currently, I haven't written him, hoping he will take all the space he needs and then come back.

Am I overreacting? What do you suggest I do? What should I do differently? Thanks in advance! 😊

So far, I've gotten that it's over and I should move on. Other opinions?
More opinions please and thanks!


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  • It's over. Space means breakup. Just move on. It won't change


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  • The sudden change in behavior suggest he has lost interest. As for the reason why, only he knows the answer. When a guy likes a girl, he will move heaven and earth for her and want to talk to her all the time.
    Sorry dear, but you will find someone who will chase after you.

    • Thank you so much for this!

      It does suck, but at the end of the day I don't want to force anyone to be with me!

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  • Once, someone ghosted me for and I moved on. They came back after about 6 months, grilling me for moving on.

    I just told them, you disappeared without a single word. That really shut them up.

    • I really just thought he wanted space.

      I mean we talk everyday and it seemed natural to just want a break.

      But then it was like.. when does the break end ya know?

      Oh well, ya live and ya learn!

      Thanks ✌

  • may be he is not interested. try not to think about him

    • It was still early so I'm glad I figured it out sooner than later. Thanks for this 😊

  • "So far, I've gotten that it's over and I should move on. Other opinions?"

    I fell bad for some woman


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