Opinions on my situation with my best friend?

Okay so I'm 17 in High school, and my best friend of 5 years and I are super close right? We hold hands, snuggle, go on dates, etc. I came to the conclusion that I liked her and I had to tell her. I did, and the response was really really interesting.

So I was talking for a while explaining how I felt and during this she started tearing up (I stopped to make sure she was okay but she told me to continue) When I was done talking she told me that she's confused with herself because she sometimes likes me, but in the end couldn't date me because she has commitment issues and doesn't want to lose me.

Now we both didn't want to lose our super super close friendship, so we talked and we're gonna keep it the same... but there's a twist

She told me that she wants to be able to kiss me. She doesn't want a relationship but she wants the kissing door to be open. (I agreed because I still have feelings, she's super attractive, and well I love her)

I'm hoping that one day she realizes that she wants to date me, but until then I'm just gonna be playing along and being great to her.

What do you guys think of this? Is it odd to have that sort of physical intimacy with a friend? Does anyone read minds- and can figure her out?

Thank you for all responses! :)


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  • Not a good idea.

    • What is not a good idea?

    • You're going to get hurt.

    • I fear that I might.. But I love this girl, and I'm willing to do anything to get her..

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  • This is an odd but friends with benefits relationship. The most important thing is to not another her and give her some space for herself and alone time