My girlfriend's head is everywhere about us?

My girlfriend of 10 months today basically told me she needs a break from us to sort her head out & decide whether she wants a future with me she claims she doesn't have a massive spark & doesn't know if she loves me her head is really messed up so I agreed on the break & I'm very hurt & confused I love this girl a lot I just can't believe she's keeping me hanging like this does anyone have any advice on how to save this relationship what should I do?


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  • just for you to see what its like from your gf's perspective, I pretty much had the same problem as her not too long ago. the way I explained it to my boyfriend was that it wasn't that I didn't love him anymore, it was just that I knew how much HE loved ME and I didn't want to be in a relationship that is unfair to him because he has more feelings than I do. he gave me some space but never completely ignored me. eventually he convinced me to stay with him but my doubtful feelings haven't really changed, so let your girlfriend have the time she needs, but still let her know you care and you are there for her. she probably just needs time to figure things out for herself.

    • Yep she told me today that she doesn't want my kids of marry me this made me feel sick I can't believe she's done this to me

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  • i had this just happen to me adn it hurts like hell! Please keep busy and just stay strong. You deserve the best and just don't contact her play a little hard to get. Let her chase you... Your probably a great guy and she is not used to it...

    • I will do thankyou it does hurt like hell I know

    • Please contact me anytime to vent... you need to talk and stay busy and just believe you deserve the best! Stay strong but its ok to be sad but try not to dwell..

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  • You can't save the relationship. Even if she comes back after the "break" and wants to be with you it's only going to be temporary. End things permanently and move on now, before you get anymore invested and hurt.

    • Not yet

    • You're free to do as you wish, but trust me when I say a 10 month relationship that needs a "break" is not going to last. Sorry dude.

    • Yeah tis kinda weird that she wants a break after 10 months

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