Why is he acting this way?

There this guy who I was with two years back, he used to call me clingy and annoying and told me he was in love with someone else. Just recently he contacted me again and I didn't know at first but now he's acting all butt hurt because he thinks I don't want to be with him anymore. I don't know what he want me. I love this guy and would do anything for him, why is he acting this way?


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  • Why do you care? He's obviously an indecisive douche. It's best for you to move on from him.

    • Yes because it's so easy to just move on from someone you love

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    • He says he misses me which I doubt

    • Then why do you insist on remaining on the issue if you doubt his feelings for you? Look, either you care about him and you talk to him with the intent of sorting things out, or you don't care about him and move on but stop asking these questions. It's pretty simple really.

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  • I was actually wondering if this ever does happen, where a guy calls you needy and annoying, etc., cuts you off, then comes back. I'm in the same type of situation, so I don't know, this is kind of giving me hope.

    • Me too but it'll never work but somehow he still seems genuine

    • How do you know it'll never work?

    • He's a lot older, we're in different places in life, he lied about being in love with me. There's just this feeling too.

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  • He may be looking for a booty call or something temporary Until someone else comes along. You need to find out what his intentions are. He may be genuinely looking for a relationship, but don't let him guilt you into anything unless it's what you want and it feels right to you

  • He is probably using you as a rebound since bad things might happen to him and his so called 'love'. its not worth it going back to him my dear. Whatever he is saying are probably words to get you back.

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