How do I feel better about my ex's new relationship?

My ex is in a new relationship & I can't stop crying about it. I'm feel super depressed. He dumped me in April but I didn't want to lose him so we tried to be friends. However, June 30th, I pissed him off & he told me not to contact him anymore. He blocked me each on Facebook "again" but yesterday I was really missing him so I used an old account to view his profile. They just started dating. He didn't include her name but he mentioned it to his dad when he asked, "with who". I checked out her profile & personality wise she's seems perfect for him. She's even a chef like him. His dad even added her.

During an argument after we broke up he told me didn't love me or want me anymore. I held on has his friend hoping for sunny skies but they're not coming. He has her now.

We argued a lot but he was my first boyfriend & I wanted us to work. He had qualities I loved. I'm hurting so much. After our breakup I went into major depression. I had hope but it's gone now, & I'm worried it'll happen again. Advice please!


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  • Your first love is the hardest.
    I remember being like this. I cried so much and I honestly thought I was going to die from heartache. My chest actually hurt.

    1. Cry. If you want to, cry. I mean, try not to in public but if you need to cry, just do it.
    2. Have a week of pity. Listen to sad song, watch sopey movies with ice cream and pizza. Be a cliche and release all those feelings.
    3. Get a new activity or start gyming. Do it with a friend if you want.
    4. Spend lots of times with your best friend. They will know this is hard but they will help keep you on track.
    5. BLOCK HIM, BLOCK ACCOUNTS, STOP LOOKING. Really all you are doing is hurting yourself and not getting anything out of it. It hurts either way but by putting it to the back of your mind you are more likely to heal. Think of it like a scab that you are constantly picking. There will always be a scar, but the more you pick the longer it takes to heal.
    6. Write a pros and cons list. AND BE REALLY HONEST. Whether it's little stuff like "didn't like Steph" or big stuff like "controlled what I wore" write everything it down. It rationalises the relationship, rationalising how compatible you were and all the stuff you weren't allowed to do, indulge in now while your single.
    7. Don't rush into anything new. It's tempting because he has but it's the worst thing for you right now.
    8. Focus on schoolwork and your job. Life sadly does go on. Whether it's for someone else or him (unlikely) you want to be the best person you can be right? Good education, good job, money coming in, working towards goals like moving out. You want to be the most attractive.

    These are just some tips. Good luck.

  • Thats the first mistake people make is wanting to remain "friends" with an ex that you still have feelings for. And now you're going into major creep mode just to find some way that she isn't perfect for him I guess but you realize he could potentially be really happy with someone else and not you, the fact that you ended off on a bad note because you "pissed him off". Know that for every sad thing you're feeling he's out there feeling happy, do yourself a favour and stop feeling sorry for yourself, it isn't going to change the situation, he's not even thinking you at all so why give him the attention (in your mind).

    • I said she is perfect for him.

  • Don't get depressed over something as little as an ex. Move on. Hang out with friends. Immerse yourself in your hobbies and things that interest you. Do things other than stalk your ex on social media and dwell on it.