Can you get over a ex by hating them is that a smart thing to do? and can you truly be ina heathy relationship if you still have feelings for a ex?

I took a test online and got a 2 out of 10 so not too bad... i know i still love my ex girlfriend she was my first so didn't belive ill ever just not have feels for her at all. So anyway am in my 2rd relationship since my forced break up last year and am overly worried ill lose my new girlfriend. its not that am worried we will break up.. am worried ill lose my new girlfriend as a friend since we were pretty good friend before dating just like my ex girlfriend.


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  • I think you just need to give yourself time, there's no rush to move on, but hating them will only waste your time.

    • Some told me if u wanna let go 100% u gotta hate them... thats why i aak

  • Stop worrying it's the past your gonna manifest the negative energy

    • I always worry when ams stress out

    • But ur stressed out for no reason... she hasn't given up any reason to be worried thus far, right?

      Here's the thing once sex and intimacy is involved the relationship changes a little regardless you become closer a tad bit more comfortable and u tend to let ur guard down.. it's what happens. However how you two nourish each other will judge the out come and if you two weren't meant to be that's fine too. It's not a failure.. it's a lesson. But what I'd say is don't indirectly sabotage ur relationship.

    • Were already very comfortable with each other but haven't had sex yet. n true

  • It takes time to forgive sometimes but when you do do that and get over them for good.

    • Maybe i still think of her since her parents forced us to brewk up but i know she made the choice to listen to them.

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