Had a good conversation and run in with this girl then things went sour?

she works at a restaurant I go to , was working this side tiki bar and it was mostly just me and her there , that you can sit at and she's rate there working so its easy to talk to her , was there for a while last night maybe an hour or 2 can't remember but things went really well and we talked a fair bit , had a hard time getting her to open up in past attempt there and at another bar we go to when I had tried to talk to her before. got the feeling she enjoyed her time with me and was interested.

but then it got kind of cool out and I went inside , at some point this other girl that I meet last summer and barely seen since arrived at a table with some friends , the other girl saw me talking to her and walked by all annoyed. think she thinks I know a lot of other girls and maybe don't really like her or that I like her but interested in other girls too. there had also been some mention of going to this other bar down the road that was having a small concert , I dropped by for a bit but she and her gf's never even showed up? I don't know where they went last night after they left work.

anyways I feel that I made a lot of progress with her but then things slipped away later? I don't know how to like take things further with her or how to convince her that I actually liked her and that the other girls she see's me talking to are just casual friends


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  • How about telling her?

    • who the other girls are that she saw me talking to? or telling her that I liked her

    • Tell the girl you like her if you do.

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