Is this guy courting me the right way or just want sex?

So I met a guy on tinder. Actually I know him through mutual friends and I've seen him before, but we matched. Anyways. We hung out. He says he enjoys my company and likes talking to me. He's a gentleman. He holds my purse and packs my food to go home when we go eat. We have a date tomorrow. I was talking about paying. He says he won't allow me to pay until the 3rd date. He talks about next year he wants to take me somewhere. Like he looks into the future and plans stuff already. We were talking about pictures and he said I shouldn't worry about makeup. He will eventually see me with out it and he doesn't really like makeup anyways. He asks how many relationships I had. I said 1. He had 4 and he said all his exes cheated on him. He texts everyday and he's funny. I like it. He calls me cute all the time. But I don't know if this is normal? I never had this kind of thing before and I'm new to the dating scene. Help me out please. I'm not opening up yet because I don't want to get my hopes up. Got burned twice big time early this year. Is this how courting should go? Fast like this? It's been 2 weeks. Or is he just doing all of this for sex?

  • He's courting you right
  • I don't know
  • He seems to want sex
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  • He sounds like a good guy. Just make sure that he won't pressure you into sex. He sounds like he is really into you. You said he calls you cute all the time. Is he only calling you cute. If so he just thinks your cute he has to also call you other things like lovely beautiful excetera

    • He hasn't pressured me into sex or anything so far.
      He hasn't kissed me but he wants to take me to a movie. So I think he's going to try then.
      I'm really cautious but I think I'm too conservative so I need to get out there more.
      I'm bound to get hurt either way so Im just going to go for it.

    • Go for it girl. It sounds like you also got a conservative guy to. If he was just using you for sex he would have tried to do it by now. Seeing as he has not kissed you is a good sign.

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  • What would opening up mean? opening up does nether rase nor dash hopes it i think just means being honest. I don't know if thats what you meant by 'opening up' but if it is then thats all it is. it shouldn't change how you feel it just makes understanding between you two easier.


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  • It sounds like he's trying too hard to be genuine tbh.

    • Yeah. I thought so too. Im not sure how to approach this. I'd rather not get hurt.
      I'm not sure what his intentions are. Should I ask him?

    • If he's not being straightforward with you in the first place I don't think you'll get honesty if you ask. I'd take it really slowly if I were you and watch how consistent he is etc. and don't give anything away until you're sure about him. If you're not convinced: move on.

    • I definitely won't give in easy.
      He seems to be straightforward.
      He asked what my pet peeves are.
      When he was drunk he went on saying he thinks he's boring and ranted about how his exes cheated on him because he's boring. I just listened. I can't tell yet. But Im going to go really slow like you said.

  • Too good to be true, just tell him the truth always be honet.

    • That's what I said. Too good to be true! I don't know. Should I ask him so exactly does he want?

    • You can try something like " I am not ready yet for sexual experience ", and see how he acts, if he get mads it is obvious that he only want the V

    • I already did before we met.
      I asked him are you wanting sex?
      He said he wanted to just hang out and thats it.
      But we will see on our date how he acts.

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