Why can't I get into a relationship?

Hi, I'm a shy and quiet guy, and it's rare that I get to talk to a girl because of that. I have a problem that I'm attracted to girls sexually but not romantically. I really want to try how it is to be in love, but I can't seem to find a girl I can "connect" with. I'm not into kissing, making love and all that, I mostly want a relationship that is mostly a friendship with sex involved. I know it makes me sound like an asshole, but that is how I feel.

So the question is:
Would you girls like to be in a "relationship" that mosly consists of a friendship with sex involved? With not much feeling of attraction to each other.


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  • Only those who wants to use you for sex. And at that point it leaves them with no benefit anyway. That is why you can't get into a relationship in general. But there is somebody who would agree with your terms, but it's only temporary and for the moment. It won't last. Because your intake is about lust. So unless the girl just want to just have sex and nothing else but that, like in porn. Girls wants to be and feel romanced. Hence what you just said you refuse to do. You just basically answered your own question.


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