Me and this guy had plans to hang out last night but I didn't hear from him. Should I say something?

On Friday night me and the guy I've been taking to made plans to hang out on Saturday. Saturday came I waited for him to text but wasn't hearing anything from him so I decided to text him and just confirm if we were still on for tonight because if not I didn't want to sit around waiting for nothing. The thing is I didn't end up hearing from him at all. I ended up finding out he was hanging out with his friends all day so maybe he didn't text back because he felt bad he had to cancel on me or he didn't want to cancel plans with his friends to hang out with me? I was pretty annoyed with him, not for the fact that he hung out with his friends, but because he could have just simply let me know tonight wasn't gonna work. So it's Sunday and I'm still kind of irritated about the situation and I'm trying to figure out if I should reach out to him and just simply tell him he could have just let me know plans weren't gonna work out or if I should even tell him anything at all? We're not very serious yet, just simply getting to know each other so I don't want to come off to pushy by asking him why didn't he text me back. I don't want to scare him off by him thinking I'm needy. But I'm the type of person that just needs closure and answers so my mind can be at ease. I want to continue talking to him but I don't want to keep putting in effort if he's not feeling me anymore. How should I confront this situation? I'm thinking of just texting him today and doing small talk but I don't know if he deserves a text for pretty much blowing me off. I just simply want him to know that it's ok for him to cancel plans but to just give me a heads up. Or did he not even let me know about the change in plans because he didn't even want to hang out with me? Help


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  • You do as you wish. I look at it like this , if a person doesn't have the descency to take a minute out of their so very busy day to at least say I'm not going to be there then they don't need to bother contacting me again. I am not there for their convenience or for when they are bored and don't have anyone else to kick it with. If I'm not worth that much neither are they

    • You are so right! I really wanted to continue talking to this guy but I know if it was the other way around and I wouldn't have been able to make our plans work, I would at least have the odacity to let him know that. It takes a few seconds to reply and let someone know. Maybe he just didn't want to spend time with me but didn't have the guts to tell me. I'm just gonna back off now and if he wants to really spend time with me or contact me he will. I mean do you believe he will get in touch with me once he realizes I'm not always gonna be there? he's very confusing. One day we'll talk and it seems he's interested and the next day I don't hear from him and it's like I don't even exist. And in person he's very flirty and likes to hold my hand and kiss me so I don't know wether he likes me still or if he's lost interest.

    • People like him just can't be figured out TBH. The hot and cold mentality is annoying to say the least. They play with others feeling like children with a new toy. They play with them until something new comes along. Will you see him again , perhaps when the new wears off that he sees as new or when he sees that the new never compared to what he had

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  • Block him and delete his number. Not worth it.