Guys, Like her a lot but it scares me. Anyone else ever felt this way?

I met this girl about 2 months ago and everything just feels easy and right with her. We've had some miscommunication blips but that's it. She's beautiful, funny, smart, and caring. Just a real good girl. We just spent 4 days together and I want to invite her on this trip with me next month.

The thing is I like her a lot and might even be falling for her (not too sure though). The thing is it's scaring the sh*t out of me. So much so where I just want to pull back or date other girls just to keep my emotions in check. I know she'd probably think this is bs though...

Is liking someone so much that it scares you actually BS though? Has anyone ever felt like this? What did you do?


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  • Yes, I felt like this several times with four different girls.

    • What did you do? You ever figure out exactly why you felt that way?

    • Well, I guess I have low self-confidence, I'm too shy :(

  • No i haven't... Why are you scared? scared of heartbreak?

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