Guys, Would you block me?

So this guy and I have been talking via text for two weeks and already he was talking about how he had feelings for me, sometimes he goes to bed early so we can't text (5 hrs ahead) but he "would never disappear on" me (he's not texted for a day or two a few times and I told him in a chill way, as a friend, it is scary to stop suddenly since My best friend died 7 years ago and that day we were texting and when he never replied I wondered why the whole day until I was told the news. On a personal note I had every right to be worried as a friend, losing my best friend was very traumatic) he thinks about me all the time and even told his family about me. Now, I think that's a reason to block justifiably for SOME women who think that is too soon, but I think he blocked ME for something less serious. We were supposed to text a few nights ago, he wrote first but I told him I was out with friends and will write when I got home. I did, but I think he slept on me, fine. It was like 12:30 am there anyway. I wrote "hey are you there? Slept on me? Gah! G'nite" and the next morning sent a cute selfie with a pout with the comment "Let this face be on your conscience". Delivered. No reply. Sent him something later in the day and it was never delivered or anything. Tested it on another iMessage account and when you block someone, the read receipt would never say delivered or sent or read or anything. My question isn't whether or not I got blocked, because I'm sure I have been. My question is if it was justified.

Not sure if this is a game changer for you guys, but I forgot to mention...
We haven't met.


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  • No need to block you.

    • Even if he found someone?

      I've never been blocked, even if a guy isn't interested, he'll just give me the cold shoulder.

    • There's no point in blocking you.

      That's probably his way of doing things...

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  • Unless there are details missing, he overreacted.

    • Absolutely, positively no details missing.

  • That depends on his age and maturity.
    Generally though, no you are far from deserving a block.

    • 32. Maturity, not so sure about. He gave a lot regarding his "feelings" really fast though.

    • Blocking you is EXTREMELY immature for a 32 year old man.

  • Fuck him and i wouldn't block you