How "datelike" would you want your prom date to be?

the girl that I'm going to prom with has been one of my best friends for many years and we always hang out and get along and stuff. we are basically just going as friends. problem is that I think I like her more than she likes me. Ever since we agreed to go to prom together she has been acting sort of different around me in some ways but she mostly acts the same. since at this point we are "just friends" how "boyfriend like" should I be with her. (eg. holding hands, buying her a corsage) stuff like that. I want to act as more than just friends but I don't want to push it so far that she gets weirded out.


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  • she is acting different around you because she knows (or is at least guessing) that you like her as more than a friend. Its making her feel weird because she most likely has no interest in you. Do not go to prom thinking that you are her boyfriend. You guys are going as friends and unless she tells you otherwise, act like her friend. Don't start holding her hand and try to kiss her. You can buy her a corsage but because you are her friend not because you want to act like her bf. If she shows some interest in you at prom, that's great, but if she acts like your friend, just accept it.


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